Expires: 2024/04/24

Casting “33/9,” a student film. Synopsis: The camera prowls through the pulsating heart of the club, weaving amidst a kaleidoscope of bodies gyrating to the thumping bass. Fluorescent lights flicker overhead, casting erratic shadows that dance across the faces of the revelers. Sweaty bodies glisten under the neon glow, their movements synchronized to the rhythm of the music. Intermittent flashes illuminate the scene, capturing fleeting moments of euphoria and abandon. The air is thick with the scent of sweat, smoke, and spilled liquor, swirling together in a heady concoction. In the dim corners, clandestine exchanges unfold, whispers mingling with the music. Each frame is a snapshot of hedonistic bliss, tinged with an undercurrent of recklessness and desire.

2 Project roles

White / European Descent
White, medium long blonde hair, skinny, wears black jacket with fur hood, black baggy pants, black shoes. He’s a drug addict.
Application deadline closed.

Asian, long hair with bangs, wears a cropped fur coat, white zip up hoodie, flared pants, platform sneakers. Also a drug addict.
Application deadline closed.