‘A Twisted Bargain’

Expires: 2024/04/16
Paying up to $250.00 / week

Casting “A Twisted Bargain,” a psychological thriller examining the volatile relationship of Michael Franklin and Xander Roberts. Michael is obsessed with crime and cruelty, and Xander is obsessed with Michael, thus beginning their pact of “quid pro quo” where sex and violence are brutally intertwined. A story of obsession, manipulation, and murder.

Production states: “Nominated for 5 San Diego Broadway World Awards including Best New Play, Best Direction of a Play, Best Performer in a Leading Role, and Best Lighting Design.”

1 Project roles
Michael Franklin
22-27, Philosophy student, any ethnicity. Michael is intelligent, very charismatic, and handsome. He is also a sociopath with severe mood swings and fits of rage. Uses sex as a tool to get what he wants, with women or men, and especially with Xander.Note: The role of Michael Franklin requires frontal nudity in two scenes.Scene 2 - Michael is a sociopath who uses sex to get what he wants. In scene 2. Knowing that the other character, Xander, is obsessed with him, he strips off his underwear and stands naked in front of him. It's a power play to let Xander know who is in charge. It is brief.Scene 8 - Frontal nudity and a scene of sexuality. At this point in the play, there is a power shift with Xander being the aggressor. Xander is shirtless so only Michael is fully nude. The sexuality is very stylized, almost a dance. This scene involves kissing and physical contact. There will be an intimacy director engaged.
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