‘Alcoholics Anonymous’

Expires: 2024/04/18

Casting “Alcoholics Anonymous” a short dark comedy skit for the Sight and Sound: Studio class at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. It is a skit about a stressed-out casting director who is pressured by his producer to cast a real alcoholic as a social actor (when real people play genuine characters – think of anything by Sean Baker) for a realist film. He hosts a fake AA meeting where he invites unsuspecting alcoholics to scope out who would fit the role best.

2 Project roles
Charles (alcoholic)
Scruffy with a beer stain on his shirt, Charles is a redneck mechanic who's there because his buddy went before and figured it would be good for him, but also because there is free food. Despite his rather dull appearance, he is actually a pretty sensitive guy!
Application deadline closed.
Tony (alcoholic)
A father of two and is struggling in his marriage as he has drank his way through the stress of working in finance. He's awkward, but a smart guy, and definitely the most skeptical of Chris (the fake AA leader).
Application deadline closed.