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Casting “Anxiety,” a short film. Synopsis: Amidst a series of setbacks and a struggle with anxiety, John, a recently laid-off office worker, finds unexpected guidance from an old mechanic, leading him on a journey of self-discovery faith, and a chance at a new beginning.

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Old Man

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The Old Man is a retired mechanic who has lived a life full of both love and loss. His experience has taught him the value of faith, patience, and the power of a positive perspective. He lives alone, yet he finds joy in solitude and the simple pleasures of life. His home is modest but filled with symbols of his faith and memories of a long life. The Old Man has a pivotal scene where he imparts wisdom to the protagonist, requiring the actor to deliver a monologue that is both moving and transformative. The ability to hold the screen with a compelling presence during this monologue is crucial
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Keith carries himself with a natural confidence and a certain assertiveness. He's accustomed to being in control and making tough decisions, traits that have contributed to his success in the corporate world. Keith has a polished, professional appearance, embodying the corporate executive look. His style is sharp and meticulously put together, signaling his position and his attention to detail.
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