Bald Man + Women Duo Head Shaving Product Video

Expires: 2024/05/09
Paying up to $200.00 flat rate

Seeking couples or family members to help shoot video content for an upcoming Father’s Day promotion. This will include a simple at-home remote video shoot recorded by yourself, with a simple and easy to follow video brief, which even includes examples.

Production states “please only apply if you are a couple/duo with a husband/wife, father/daughter, etc. We need TWO people on camera, and ONE must be bald.

Freebird, a modern head-shaving company, which sells it’s hero product, the FlexSeries Shaving Kit, which is an electric razor that helps bald people overcome the challenges of shaving with a traditional razor, and do it much more quickly!

Freebird is ALWAYS looking for long-term paid partners to create consistent monthly content for new and upcoming ideas and video shoots. This is an opportunity to not only help with the Father’s Day project, but also become what we consider an “active creator” which we will provide multiple paid projects to on an ongoing monthly basis!

We look forward to seeing you and your partner/duo!”

1 Project roles
BALD MAN WITH FEMALE DUO (Wife, Friend, Daughter, Partner, etc)
We just need amazing male & female duo's including a male that shaves his head and/or is bald!
Application deadline closed.