Expires: 2024/04/15

Casting “Caligula,” a short film. Synopsis: When his sister Drusilla dies, Caligula is thrown into a crisis. The world is not what he thought it was, and for all his power as Emperor of Rome, he cannot change the fact that “men die and they are not happy.” He roams the countryside by himself for three days trying to come to grips with the repugnant knowledge of his own powerlessness. When he returns to the place, he is a changed man. He now believes that the only way to experience true freedom is to attain the impossible: to drown the sky in the sea, to infuse ugliness with beauty, to wring a laugh from pain. He does not care that in trying to grasp this impossible freedom he will have to sacrifice friendship, honor, justice, and love.

Caligula the boy-emperor has become Caligula the monster. In the scene, Caligula has just informed his senators that from now on his rule will be arbitrary and absolute, without regard to justice or the law. His mistress, Casonia, is stunned by his transformation. When they are alone she notices that he is distressed. Caligula weighs his morality with ultimate power in the light of burgeoning madness.

2 Project roles
Emperor Caligula
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Mistress Casonia
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