Choking Emergency Video

Expires: 2024/05/07
Paying up to $500.00 flat rate

Seeking women with children for choking emergency video. In this scene, a child is eating when suddenly chokes on food and stops breathing. The mother notices immediately and becomes panicked, trying back blows and the Heimlich maneuver while screaming for help. Despite her efforts, nothing seems to work, and the child eventually falls unconscious. The mother is left screaming for help and crying hard over the child. The video will be approximately 40 seconds to 1 minutes long and will be recorded to appear as if from a security camera.

Productoon states: “We are an emergency solutions brand dedicated to making emergencies a thing of the past. Our mission is to save lives and prevent tragedies by providing effective solutions. In this project, we want to showcase the importance of having a choking device in every household.”

1 Project roles
Choking Emergency Mom & Child Actress
Requirements: Talented actress who has a child or can get a child to help with the scene; must be great at crying; really good at showing different emotions, like crying, panic, and fear; able to improvise and make the scene feel true to life; pays attention to details and is serious about giving a great performance.
Application deadline closed.