Comedic Writer

Expires: 2024/05/04
Paying up to $1,000.00 - $2,000.00 / week (estimated duration: not provided)

Seeking a Comedic Writer (Independent Contractor.) Company states: “At Improv Learning, we’re on a mission to fuse humor with technology to make the world a safer place. With our groundbreaking SPIDERMethod™, we’re turning heads (safely, of course) and saving lives, one chuckle at a time. Our unique blend of expert driving instruction, behavioral science, and a generous sprinkle of humor not only makes learning enjoyable but also incredibly effective. Our approach has proven its mettle, significantly reducing collisions among our students, from eager teens getting their first taste of the road to seasoned professionals steering the Federal Fleet. The Role: We’re on the hunt for a Comedic Writer with a flair for transforming instructional and technical content into engaging, humorous, and unforgettable experiences. Your pen (or keyboard) will be the wand you wave to make the mundane magical, turning essential safety training into something students not only love to learn but remember long term. Your words will breathe life into our content, ensuring that the SPIDERMethod™ doesn’t just teach; it entertains, enlightens, and endears. What You’ll Do: Collaborate with our team of experts to understand the core of what needs to be communicated, then flip it on its head to engage and entertain. Craft witty, memorable scripts and content that make learning about safety not just necessary but delightful. Inject humor into technical and instructional materials to ensure that they’re not just absorbed but enjoyed and remembered. Contribute to a learning environment where humor and education go hand in hand, supporting students of all ages in their journey to becoming safer, more aware drivers. Duration: running for 2 weeks.”

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Comedic Writer
Add this to your cover letter:If you wish to apply, please transform this sample blurb into something humorous, engaging and memorable. As a general rule, look about 12 to 15 seconds ahead of your vehicle. In the city, this equates to approximately two to three blocks. On the highway, it translates to just over one quarter of a mile. If weather conditions or low visibility prevent you from seeing that far ahead, reduce your speed. Slowing down in case of an obstruction ahead allows you the time to: - Spot the problem - Decide on the best course of action to avoid it - Safely maneuver away from the issue
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