‘Damage Control’

Expires: 2024/04/28

Casting for the role of Will in “Damage Control,” a student film. Synopsis: Emmett is a 16 year-old boy living in a foster home with his 17 year-old brother Will. Their feelings towards life are jaded, but they handle it in different ways – Will chooses to walk the straight and narrow path, working hard in school and at his day-job. Emmett, however, chooses a different path – one that introduces him to the world of organized narcotic crime within the small town they inhabit. After Emmett wrongs the local crime-head, he’s caught in between the judgment of his brother and the danger of the life he’s chosen. With everything on the line, Emmett must choose whether to run from the damage he’s caused, or lean into the chaos that draws him in.

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Black / African Descent
Emmett’s older brother Will shares just as much distrust in society as Emmett. However, because of his role as Emmett’s provider, he understands his responsibilities, and how his actions and beliefs might influence Emmett’s. He disapproves of Emmett’s decisions but feels guilty because he sees his upbringing of Emmett as a large contributor to his behavior. Though Will wants to fix Emmett and help him, he’s constantly concerned that Emmett might be nearing a place of no return.
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