Dental Explainer Video And Social Video Spot

Expires: 2024/04/17
Paying up to $1,400.00 flat rate

Seeking an actress to play a patient in a patient journey explainer video and photo production at a dental facility. Production states: “This is a small production with a lean crew and documentary-style production values but take a look at the production website link for a sense of the quality we strive for.”

1 Project roles
Angela - Female Patient
All Ethnicities
Angela represents a typical patient for this dental practice - a woman in her 30s in casual attire. The role will have a limited amount of dialog simulating interactions with staff for a typical patient. Production states: "We would like for talent to provide their own everyday casual wardrobe with a few options to choose from on the day, and some guidelines from the production. While the scripted patient interactions will be simple, we want to make sure we cast a performer who can bring a natural but friendly, everyday tone to this project."
Application deadline closed.