Motovlog Co-Host & Brand Ambassador In Philadelphia

Expires: 3/31/2024

Currently seeking a co-host/co-vlogger as well as promotional model for a Motovlog in Philadelphia.

Need someone adventurous, charismatic, talkative, and, intelligent with strong opinions on things (especially current events) who is good with banter.

Someone who can ride a motorcycle or scooter (or willing to learn as that could make a great vlog/adventure to document) but at bare minimum, will ride 2 up (be a passenger on back). You would be wearing a helmet with GoPro and microphone attached as well as an intercom/communication device in-helmet and we would ride around exploring and recording our adventures while talking about things, going to cafe’s, restaurants, museums, parades, events, etc. as well as doing photoshoots with the bikes (including costumed/themed shoots)

1 Project roles
All ethnicities
Aspyn - Girlfriend, Sidekick/Best Friend & Partner in Crime
Application deadline closed.