Seeking Talents for 'O' Remain Hotel' Art Film

Expires: 3/31/2024

A short black and white, art film. A horror, psychological thriller, and love story. A vampire film. Illyria is an aspiring model, and dancer. She checks into a hotel, and is haunted by a mysterious vampire. She can’t control her thoughts, visions, emotions, and passions. She is the reincarnate of his wife that died 500 years ago. She falls in love with him, and soon all her visions become a reality.

1 Project roles
All ethnicities
Illyria is a beautiful aspiring model, and dancer. She moves to a new town to pursue her dreams. She falls in love with a mysterious vampire who is haunting her. This role is powered by emotions. Lingerie, partial/implied nudity, strong romance, and a strong intimate scene is required.
Application deadline closed.